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Organic Instagram Followers

Get more fans of your music monthly


We can get between 300 to 500 fans monthly for your instagram account with detailed strategies that we have in the work team.

Our software developed with UI Path is dedicated to getting followers for you, based on the target of your competition or similar accounts, we will bring you daily between 30 to 60 fans to your account.

instagram bort 2.JPG
  • 500+ new followers / month

  • Dedicated account manager; 30 hours / month

  • Investigation of locations, accounts and hashtags with artificial intelligence technology

  • Manual growth activities: follow, unfollow, like

  • Content creation 3-5 posts / week posted by account manager

  • Unlimited use of features

  • 24 × 7 priority support

  • Safe delivery

47 us

2 weeks


67 us

1 month


154 us

3 months

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