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Top Music Distribution Companies in Nigeria (2024)

Top Music Distribution Companies in Nigeria

Top Music Distribution Companies in Nigeria

Music distribution is the process of getting music from artist to store, making it available to the public for purchase. This is the same whether that store be a physical store or digital music retailer.

There are various Music distribution Companies in Nigeria you can use to distribute and promote your music online. We’ll highlight some of them below:

1. Be Fun.

2. Fresible Music3.

3.Dvpper Digital

4. MAD Solutions

5. Sound Genie

6. The Plug Entertainment

7. OneRPM

8. Ejoya

9. FreeMe music

10. The Promo Boy

Be Fun : Be Fun is Nigeria’s leading independent digital distribution service offering digital marketing, royalty collection and more for Artists & Labels. Be Fun Distribution was founded by Colombian Entrepreneurs and Music Executives from Jbalvin, Karol G,Feid and Maluma city, Called Medellín. With Be Fun, the Distribution is Free and you can get investments.

Fresible Music: Fresible Music is a digital music distribution platform that allows artists and labels to distribute and sell their songs on all online stores and earn royalties.

Dvpper Digital: DVPPER is a Nigerian distribution company and record label founded in 2017 by Damilola Akinwunmi and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It has released albums in various genres but it is predominantly focused on Afrobeats music.

MAD Solutions: MAD Solutions is a new age Digital content provider and Digital Marketing Company with Operations in U.S.A, Canada, South Africa and Nigeria. They are a leading Music distribution, publishing, data analytics and value added services Company with Music licensing deals with all major Digital Service Providers.

Sound Genie: Sound Genie is Nigeria’s Cheapest and Most Reliable Music Distribution Platform. Easiest way to get your Song on iTunes,Spotify,Tidal & 150+ More.

The Plug Entertainment : The Plug is a music distribution, licensing and publishing company that manage some of the biggest talents in Nigeria including Davido, and curate phenomenal events.

ONErpmONErpm is a digital distribution service and fan engagement platform founded in 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz and Matthew Olim, the latter one of the co-founders of CDNow, a pioneer in digital music.

Ejoya: Ejoya is a music Distribution company that provides digital label services like distribution, marketing and royalties collection.

FreeMe MusicFreeme Music is a Nigerian music corporation record label founded by Nigerian investor, music executive and entrepreneur Michael Ugwu on 22 August 2020. The label is a premium label services arm of Freeme Digital, a distribution company founded in 2013 by Michael Ugwu and headquartered in Lagos.

The Promo Boy The Promo Boy is a Music Distribution company that help independent artists get their songs & lyrics on Digital Music Platforms like iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer.

Other distribution services in Nigeria include Jungle Entertainment Venture, EngageDMP, The Bridge Distro and Boomkit.

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