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How to make an artist GIF for Instagram ?

When you have your animation ready, the next step is to upload it to Instagram. For now, Giphy is the only partner using Instagram. This means that if you create a GIF, you first have to upload it to the Giphy platform. Account setup is not complicated; but it may take about a week for it to be approved (or even longer).

4 Steps to put your GIF on Instagram storiesCrear un GIF con fondo transparente

  • Upload it to Giphy

  • Includes tags (keywords)

  • Verify your account

By Andrea Mota - June 8, 2021

"Verify your account on Giphy In order for you to verify your account, you need to do so as a brand / company or individual artist. Then, you fill in the information and, if your request is not accepted, you can complete the creation of your account as a normal user and. soon. ask to be re-verified. One of the important verification points is that you upload your own content, you cannot copy GIFs from other people or companies. And with that you can now find your gif on Instagram stories!

Tips to add a GIF on Instagram - If you want your GIF to appear in Instagram stories you have to upload it with a transparent background, it is the only way to use it in your stories.

- Labels are an important element. Each sticker should have between 5 to 10 labels so that users can find them easily.

- Remember that the format to upload your creation on Giphy is gif (obviously). The size is 500 to 600 px.

And the color will always be in RGB.

When you have more than 10 animations uploaded to the Giphy platform with a transparent background, you can request that your account be verified by sending an email to or

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