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10 Music Marketing Strategies for Independent Musicians in 2023

Updated: Aug 30

Dreaming is human, but creating marketing strategies is wise. Therefore, for your knowledge, we present below 10 Music Marketing Strategies for independent artists.

Feid vs Ferxoo
Feid vs Ferxoo

You have true Music Marketing.


Do you know where you want to be in 10 years? Do you know what type of music identifies you as an artist? Define your vision and set 100% realistic goals. Don't know how to do it? Follow the SMART rule, which states that each set objective should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Marketing Musical
SMART objetives for music artist

Do you know where you want to be in 10 years? Do you know what type of music identifies you as an artist?

Define your vision and set 100% realistic goals. Don't know how to do it? Follow the SMART rule, which indicates that each set objective must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Identify your opportunities.

Through SWOT analysis, you may find a niche for yourself. What are your strengths? Can those strengths cover the weaknesses present in the music industry of your country? What opportunities do you have to emerge even in the face of real threats of failure? Study yourself, study your environment, study where you want to go, and voilà!

FODA para Marketing Musical
FODA para Marketing Musical

3. Create your music web

A very common mistake among beginner musicians is not having a website because they don't consider it necessary, and nothing could be further from the truth! Your website is your portfolio, that magical place where all your valuable information is gathered, ready to be heard and shared with your potential future followers. So, if you don't have one and it wasn't in your plans to create it, run and make it now!

4. Share your music on social media.

Generate traffic. From your website, you can share your music or from the digital distribution platforms where you have decided to distribute your songs. However, don't think that it's just about sharing for the sake of sharing, because nothing could be further from the truth... before doing so, you must segment your target audience. In other words, if most of your Instagram followers prefer YouTube over Spotify, then YouTube would be the appropriate platform to release your new single, which you will announce through Instagram.

5. Analyze your future fan.

Do you know what kind of fans you will have? Have you identified how many potential followers you would have based on the pattern you have studied? Analyze them. Study their behavior, ages, preferences, styles... For example, if you have a performance at a bar, get to know them, interact with them, identify them, and you will succeed.

6. Promote your music with paid advertising.

Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and YouTube Ads are some of the web tools that offer you the opportunity to attract 100% organic traffic.

7. Record a Podcast

Podcast recording is very trendy. Whether you record one by yourself or you are invited to one, it's a surefire hit! Especially if you can upload it to Spotify, a platform that is making a huge investment in the generation of this type of content because they have thoroughly studied that it's a guaranteed success.

8. Colabora con otros músicos

Si eres de los que prefiere otra forma para darte a conocer, te contamos que lo que nunca falla es organizar toques con otros músicos para «intercambiar seguidores» y así lograr más alcance. Está de sobra decir que si los músicos con quienes organizas un evento de este estilo son más reconocidos, mucho mejor.

9. Record Tutorials

Make the most of your talent by recording tutorials. For example, record tutorials on how to sing Bohemian Rhapsody acapella in a soprano tone, or if you prefer, create a cover with excellent visuals and sound that gives chills to anyone. You never know when luck may knock on your door.

10. Contact music bloggers

Give it a try. Try and try again. Look for the music bloggers with the most followers in your country and send them your product, either through the web or, if you want to make it more personal, through a Press Kit. You know it, try and try again. Don't give up. Eventually, it will yield results.

If you want to distribute your music for free to all digital stores like Spotify, TikTok, Deezer, Apple Music, Instagram Music, among others, you can do it with Additionally, if you want us to invest in your music, you can also contact us.

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