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Digital Marketing Trends for Artists in 2024

Digital Marketing Trends for Artists in
Digital Marketing Trends for Artists in

Digital Marketing Trends for Artists in 2024


Social song playback is becoming a mega powerful form of purchase to my concept. Major music companies are getting smarter than ever when it comes to leveraging influencer marketing, or music influencers, creating ads that perfectly match social media feeds, and integrating their playlists and digital platforms with networks. social. Instagram and Tik Tok have been particularly influential in accelerating this trend.

This trend is accompanied by entertainment and true Musicshows on the web or live activations, where through the use of local musical figures and participation dynamics, it invites us to visit digital channels, songs and playlists, digital platforms. of the musical artist, while those who lead the event connect us to listen and share the song.

Meet the followers of the musical artist in a world without Cookies

When moving towards the final elimination of cookies, brands must start planning how to develop their own sources of digital knowledge and behavior of their fan or follower.

There is a global demand for data privacy, in many parts of the world many fans are concerned about the much data that musical artists can collect from it. This leads to redesign prospecting and engagement strategies with followers, but also to implement the appropriate, safer and more user-friendly technology for this.

SEO implementation, the strongest organic relevance.

Connected with the above and understanding the relevance of the search engine, indexing, as the most natural behavior of a follower, the organic relevance of our content is part of the strategy for any marketing planning for a musical artist in 2022.

The multiple changes to the Algorithm challenge marketers, but also make relevant results rewarded by the follower to the artist.

The growth of mobile and voice searches generates the use of search engines. Featured Snippets is information in the SERP which tells us that you no longer need to click on a website to get the information you are looking for; it's there subtle, on the Google search results page.

The "Phygital" experience

Digital platforms continue to grow globally. Many musical artists try to adapt to new times or consumer behaviors and join in the development of strategies with a “Phygital” approach (physical + digital) that is to say, cyberconnection, the followers expect to have an excellent experience at any point of contact with the musician. artist and generate consumer experiences of their music in an omnichannel way.

Musical artists can offer hybrid experiences, mixing digital platforms with physical activations at specific points and seasons, just as concepts such as immediacy, immersion and interaction come into play in the digital part, it is key in the construction of physical spaces that respond. to the needs of the current fan.

Skills for new professionals in Music Marketing

Automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning take much of the hard work out of music marketing, making music marketers need to get more strategic. Music marketers must focus on what really impacts the music artist's business results, and on being practical with any type of platform, that is, being able to handle Hubspot, but also RD Station and etc.

They require new knowledge and training in the world of knowledge and a greater focus on data analysis, that is, to really be able to read the trend, it is possible that during 2022 musical artists take care of the use of their budgets, so showing the return of investment (ROI) will become increasingly important.

Content creation through native Creatives

The generation of content through influencers gives musical artists the possibility of connecting with captive audiences loyal to said content generators. In fact, many musical artists have chosen to use the Influencers themselves to develop native content for the platform, since using these tools in an organic way is highly likely that their song conversion indicators are much better.

Those who develop native creativity strategies blur editorial strategies strongly.

Marketing in the Metaverse

Now it is something real, it is no longer so virtual; (from the moment you have a physical or sensory experience, it stops being virtual) and if we add to that being able to transact through blockchain technology, that absolutely changes what we have known in science fiction.

I see this revolution, the future of the internet as we know it until now, and I know that if we start to strengthen our productive capacity for mixed reality and augmented reality with content from new releases, we are going to monetize music in the metaverse easily and widely . Starting pilots can make a difference.

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