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Jayden Long
Jayden Long

The Calling - Season 1Eps8 [CRACKED]

While we try to avoid making broad, sweeping proclamations about shows and seasons before they've ended their respective runs, we can say without hesitation that if the first three episodes of James Gunn and HBO Max's John Cena-starring Peacemaker are any indication of how the entire series is going to be? Well, we might just have one of our first very serious contenders for best series of the year. From the looks of things on social media as well as on certain fruit/vegetable-based ratings sites, folks seem to really, really like what they're seeing. So with the wind at his back and riding a wave of righteous positivity for his series, Gunn had a chance to catch up with filmmaker &uber-geek Kevin Smith to not only discuss the series but also drop a preview for this week's fourth episode of the season (after last week's three-episode premiere). And if there's one thing Gunn makes clear by the end of the interview (a point he's been making for some time) is that he, Cena, and the gang are definitely interested in a "return visit" to this universe so listen up, HBO Max and WarnerMedia (or whatever we're calling you now):

The Calling - Season 1Eps8

On Thursday, more than 900 people in the British Film and TV Industry signed a letter calling for sweeping changes in the industry's workplace culture, calling for an end to a widespread tolerance of harassers, bullies, and predators that have been operating in the industry for decades. Clarke has been dropped by his agency CAA and his management company. Sky One has halted work on the fourth season of his hit cop show Bulletproof. He has been suspended from his production company. The British Film and Television Academy (BAFTA) has suspended his membership and withdrawn his Achievement award for outstanding contributions to the British Film and Television Industry. The Metropolitan Police are reviewing a complaint "against a male" filed by "a third party" but not currently investigating him. 041b061a72

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