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IS 1893-3:2002 pdf download

IS 1893-3:2002 is an Indian Standard that specifies the criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures, part 3: bridges and retaining walls (second revision). It is a part of the IS 1893 series that covers the general provisions and buildings (part 1), liquid retaining tanks (part 2), dams and embankments (part 4), and foundations, rafts, piles and well foundations (part 5).

This standard provides the seismic design forces and coefficients, the seismic analysis methods, the ductility and detailing requirements, and the design criteria for different types of bridges and retaining walls. It also gives some examples of seismic design of bridges and retaining walls.


The standard was published by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in 2002 and reaffirmed in 2016. It is based on the latest research and development in the field of earthquake engineering and incorporates the lessons learned from the past earthquakes in India and abroad.

If you are looking for a pdf version of this standard, you can find it online from various sources. Here are some of the links that you can use to download the pdf file:

  • [BIS website]: This is the official source of the standard. You can purchase the pdf file from this link for a nominal fee.

  • [Internet Archive]: This is a free online library that preserves digital content. You can download the pdf file from this link without any charge.

  • [Law Resource]: This is a public domain website that provides legal documents for public education and public safety. You can download the pdf file from this link without any charge.

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